Waypoints Locations vehicle spawn error

i started picking up CARLA recently and i have an issue , i wanted to collect some waypoints locations to implement my own driving scenario, i saved the waypoints data locations in a .txt file to access them later but when i try to spawn the car in the locations collected with the same blueprint in which i collected the data with to avoid size related errors, no matter what i do when i try to spawn the car i get an error that there is a collision and my car didn’t spawn,am suspecting that the locations from the pygame are not the same of the server(unreal engine) , am working on carla 0.9.8 , any help would be much appreciated ,cause i got frustrated trying to solve the issue, i read the documentation ,and read through issues on github to see if there are similar problems with mine but in vain ,
thank you so much in advance

Hello, how did you solve this problem? I also encountered the same problem. If you have solved this problem, please tell me the method. Thank you very much!

yes i solved it, its quite confusing at first, but once you know it you will feel stupid, its actually due to how the car spawn is implemented , the position provided always provied collision error because its inside the car ,meaning the z position always collides with the street so it provides an error, so you have to give the z-direction a small value like 0.1 despite being that this value represents the altitude but a small value solves the issue , give it a try and get back to me , if it was solved or not :smiley:

Thank you very much for your answer. It’s helpful to me. Will you encounter a vehicle that will turn around on the road and drive in the opposite direction after it is generated at the designated location? Randomly generated vehicles are normal.Thanks again.