Support for Python 2.7 on Windows

I installed the pre-build version for WIndows, and got things up & running quickly.

As a next step, I want to integrate Carla with my own Python libs, which unfortunately are Python 2.7.9. I tried to load the Carla library, but I get an error that Python37.dll is not compatible with my current Python version.
I browsed the Carla docs & found that v2.7 is supported as well:

The description is all for Linux it seems.
Two questions:

  1. is there a prebuild Carla installer for Windows which support Python v2.7?
  2. Is not, is it possible to rebuild Carla on Windows targeting v2.7? (this looks like quite some work, so I first wanted to ask before I get going)




I know it is unfortunate, but Python 2.7 is dead in CARLA (and in general). We now only provide official support for Python >3.5

You could probably build from the source for that version of Python.

@bernat, could you perhaps provide further information about this?

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I have checked, and in Windows the build of the .EGG for Python 2 is disabled, because for it the user needs to install a different version of Visual Studio, as is described in this page:

Probably you could install that version of Visual Studio and enable the building of the .EGG for Python 2 in the BuildPythonAPI.bat file.

I hope it helps.


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