SUMO co-simulation configuration file


I’m trying to create a co-simulation with CARLA and SUMO working together in an existing simulation I have for SUMO. I have a network file, created by an OpenStreetMap file, that includes also the traffic light logic (net.xml), the traffic demand in the route file (rou.xml), the additional file for the obstacles (poly.xml) and the configuration file that includes all the above files.

I was reading the documentation about running a co-simulation between CARLA and SUMO and I was wondering if I need to create a different network file based on the OpenDRIVE file or if what I already have is sufficient to use for the co-simulation.


Hey xrispa,
i’ve got some experience in co-simulation myself. As far as I can tell it is best practise to create an OpenDrive Network file if you have access to a software like RoadRunner to check and edit the file. (In my experience the convertion from OpenStreetMaps to OpenDrive has always some problems no matter if you use the carla convertion or alternatives like the netconvert tool provided by SUMO).

If you do not have access to an Opendrive Editor it should also be possible to directly load the OSM Map via “ --osm-path” into Carla but I dont have personal experience regarding that.

Hope my experience helps a little. feel free to reach out if any problems come up.