Spawning parked car or adding a new blueprint as static car

Hi all,

Is it possible to spawn a parked car in Carla as static object? I don’t want it to be in the list of actors. Just something like the parked cars spawned in some cities outside of road or static objects like kiosks or boxes, etc. I’m looking for sth with the size of a car to put on the road. I think a static blueprint would do the job. For example, a box with the size of a car. Do you have any suggestion? Should I do it in Unreal and build carla again? Or I can put it somewhere and use it? I found these folders in the pre-built carla folder: CARLA_0.9.12/CarlaUE4/Content/Carla/Static/Vehicles and /home/isaac/carla/CARLA_0.9.12/CarlaUE4/Content/Carla/Static/Vehicles/GeneralMaterials/StaticCars but cannot use static.prop.* to spawn them.