Spawning a self-driving vehicule from the server (Unreal Engine)

Hi, I’m new to Carla and I have this project to spawn an autonomous vehicle from the server in unreal engine. I managed to spawn a vehicle when I press start, but it’s not moving. I don’t know what to do. Here is my event graph! Capture|690x376
Thank you for your help!

Are you spawning the vehicle with a script? Which one? Which version of CARLA and OS are you using?

I am using an event graph to spawn the vehicle there is a picture of it on my first post! I am using the 9.11 version of Carla and I’m on Windows. My goal is to spawn a self-driving vehicle without using the Python API/client side of Carla.

Hi, the simulator is expecting spawning vehicles from the client Python API not from Unreal itself. You could try to spawn vehicles from the C++ side but it won’t work from blueprints. In fact, using unreal’s SpawnActor function will result in actors that cannot be controlled as we override the spawn process.
On top of that, the autopilot function that you are using is no longer in use and has been replaced by the traffic manager feature which again is part of the PythonAPI, you can find examples in the the PythonAPI/examples folder in the script.