Setting wheel transforms

I am currently disabling the physics using following as I am simulating physics externally.


Currently, for synchronous operation - at each tick, I get location of the vehicle and set it in CARLA using the following API command:


However, I see that the wheels do not turn and remain with effectively zero road steer angle. I also tried to apply a dummy carla.VehicleControl to send value to front steer to CARLA, but this does not seem to change the wheel angles - perhaps as SetSimulatePhysics is set to False.

I would like to know if there is any way to apply wheel transforms independently to wheels (the skeleton seems to have wheel modeled separately, but I could not find an API). Just like vehicle.set_transform - if there can be wheel.set_tranform - I think it will be helpful for people who are simulating physics externally to make the simulation more realistic. The intent is to represent steer/tire rotation more accurately.