Scenario runner manual

I use carla 9.9 and scenario runner 9.9. My python is 3.7.9 in windown 10.

I followed the instruction to install the scenario_runner and carla, but I still have fews questions.

  1. When I run python scenario group with “python --scenario group:FollowLeadingVehicle --reloadWorld --output” and with “python” everythings seems correct with the first scenario. However, when it finished, python from Manual control crashed everytimes. I need to reload for each scenario the terminal python
    I don’t know why?

  2. I also try to use others scenario examples, but most of them did not work.
    For example when i use “python --scenario group:FreeRide --reloadWorld --output” i got

    is it normal?

  3. When I launch a scenario, I use the autopilot to watch what happens. When I try the scenario group SignalizedJunctionLeftTurn, the car did not turn in the left to each scenario. Sometime it turned to right and sometime it not turned. I did not get why?

I am not sure what is the problem.

Thanks in advance

Hey @valentin

  1. That is indeed known, the manual control connects to the ego vehicle, and when the scenario destroys, the manual control detects it and shuts down. This could be done such that it waits, but it’ll also mean that you’ll have to manually shut it down at the end of each group (or scenario if not using groups). As a reference, it would be something around the lines of modifying the ego detection function from
    def tick(self, clock):
        if len( < 1:
            return False


    def tick(self, clock):
        if len( < 1:
            self.player = None
  1. Around the time of 0.9.9, we did a refactoring of some scenarios, as there were many that were completely outdated and not working. This basically included the ‘weird’ ones, which FreeRide might be a part of, as it has no behavior.

  2. Yeah, the manual control isn’t expected to do that. That’s just a typical misconception that we have to document. The manual control is just an example of an agent that can be used to see / debug the scenarios. It is build upon CARLA’s manual control, and therefore has the autopilot behavior. However, this autopilot activates the TrafficManager, which moves the vehicle randomly throughout the town.