Request for a new map for Imeche formula student driveless and a map making tutorials

I was wondering, if it is possible to include a map like the racetrack used in Imche Formula Student Driverless Competion. It would make the already phenomenal CARLA simulator even more useful.

Besides a full tutorials on how to make a custom map would be awesome.


I’ve some experience on building HD maps and I could be able to help you on this one. I would like to know first, if you already have map in one of the formats, for example .xodr?

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How can I contact you please?

Hi @amer and @SammFlynn! Did you two create such a map? And if yes, would you be willing to share it?

No, we did not. Please contact me on a email, if you need any help on creating real world maps.

Thanks for your reply and on offering help! I do not want to create a map myself for now, but was just hoping to download more maps than the ones which come with Carla.