RenderThread in CARLA Simulator is using 100% of 1 CPU core

I am currently using CARLA Simulator in Microsoft Azure VM using Docker container. Please see below the details,

  • Azure VM Size: Standard NC4as_T4_v3
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Docker image: carlasim/carla:0.9.10

I executed the CARLA Simulator and connected to the server. The server had around 20-25 FPS and Client 60-62 FPS.

  • Is this the expected behaviour from CARLA?

I found out that 1 of the 4 CPU cores was always at 100%. And upon inspection this might be because there was only 1 RenderThread and this is making the usage of 1 core to be at 100%.

  • Is it possible to have multiple RenderThread so that it will be distributed to different CPU cores?

Many thanks in advance.