Reaction Time and Takeover Data


I’m hoping to use this software to create scenarios with a Level 3 semi-autonomous vehicle where the car would start self-driving and a driver would have to take over control at some point. Would it be possible to obtain measurements such as:

  • time to input to controls of the vehicle (e.g. input of the steering wheel angle of more than 2° and 10% movement of accelerator or brake pedals)
  • time when indicator lights are used
  • steering wheel angle
  • how much the car deviates from the centre of the lane

All help greatly appreciated!

Hi, @ym25!

Let me give you a quick overview and see if this gets you closer to your intentions.

Hi there!

Thanks for the useful information
I’m running the Complied/Shipping CARLA v0.9.9 on linux and trying to use a Logitech G27 steering wheel to control the car. I have set the buttons using jstest-gtk and have a wheel_config.ini file that maps the buttons and axes, but the axes/button mapping does not work when I run the client. I have read through this link: but did not get any solutions. Would greatly appreciate any help!