Questions about scenario runner

hey everyone,

i got some question about Scenario runner.
if I correctly understand, to launch a scenario, scenario runner use 3 possibilities:

  1. ScenarioConfigurationParser
  2. RouteParser
  3. OpenScenarioConfiguration

I did not understand the difference between there 3 possibilities.
when and how should i used routeParser, ScenarioConfigurationParser and OpenScenarioConfiguration?
I know scenarioConfiguration parser is use to the sceanario “followingLeadingVehicle”

I would very much appreciate if anyone can explain me this.

Thanks in advance

Hey @valentin, as you said, there are three ways to use scenarios.

Using Python scenarios (option 1) or OpenScenario (option 3) produces the same result, but one scenario is created as a Python class and another one as a OpenScenario xosc. (examples of tge FollowLeading vehicle in python and in OpenScenario.

Routes, on the other hand, are a much more complex structure where multiple scenarios can be placed, and will be triggered once the ego is close to them. Apart from the scenarios itself, the route is given to the agent, adding criteria to check how the agent perform this lane following.

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Hey guillaume,
Thank you for your reply, and sorry to my late answer
Do you know if there is a detailed documentation on the use of “routes”?
If not, how can know how is it worked?
Thanks in advance