Problem running Carla Docker image on headless HPCC with Singularity

I am trying to run the Carla 9.10.1 docker image in a headless HPC cluster. The cluster does not have Docker, so instead I am using Singularity to run the Carla docker image. When I pull and run the image, it returns with error code 1 immediately instead of starting the server. Here are the commands I run and the outputs:

$ singularity pull docker://carlasim/carla:
WARN[0000] "/run/user/419353" directory set by $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR does not exist. Either create the directory or unset $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR.: stat /run/user/419353: no such file or directory: Trying to pull image in the event that it is a public image. 
$ CARLA_WORKSPACE=`pwd`/workspace/home/carla
$ install -d $CARLA_WORKSPACE
$ singularity exec -C -H $CARLA_WORKSPACE carla_0.9.10.1.sif /bin/bash -c 'cp -r /home/carla/* .'
$ singularity run --nv -C -H $CARLA_WORKSPACE carla_0.9.10.1.sif 
4.24.3-0+++UE4+Release-4.24 518 0
Disabling core dumps.
sh: 1: xdg-user-dir: not found

Trying the same commands with the docker image for carla:latest give the same results. But when I try the same commands with the Docker image for Carla 9.5, it starts the server. Since there is no output or error message coming from Carla, I am not sure how to identify and fix the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The cluster runs on CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708