Plotting lidar data on pygame display - Need clarification

Hi, I was exploring how the lidar data is represented on the display and going through the example. After going through the code I came to an understanding of how the data has been handled. However, I feel there are still some gaps in my understanding. Here is a list of them:

1.lidar_data *= min(self.hud.dim) / 100.0 : on this line is there a specific reason to divide by 100 ? Is this scaling factor a calculated number or just an empirical guess?

2.lidar_data = np.fabs(lidar_data): This line of code executes after the origin for plotting the points is shifted to the middle of the display. why was the need felt to retain the remaining -ve points (which will be converted to +ve values after fabs() ) and other +ve points that are probably out of the bounds of the display? Why not just remove these points?

3.lidar_data = np.reshape(lidar_data, (-1, 2)): why is this line needed when the lidar_data array is already in (nx2) shape (where ā€˜nā€™ represents number of data points)?

Can someone help me out?

Maybe @marcgpuig can enlighten us with this!

I had the same question ! Could someone explain of the LiDAR data work ?
And its processing as well !
@Yak_Staff ??
@marcgpuig ???

Pls ā€¦ someone :sob: