OSM map import results in distorted road network

I exported a simple OpenStreetMaps map containing a few blocks of perpendicular roads (see this image). When I load that map into a running Carla simulator using the Python script:

python config.py --osm-path=path-to-my-map.osm

I get a road network that is distorted, with roads coming together at odd angles (see this image). It’s as if the road coordinates are being projected into the world space incorrectly.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I do get the following warning when I run the Python script:

Warning: Could not write OpenDRIVE geoReference. Only unshifted Coordinate systems are supported (offset=7278362.17,-4641001.21)
load opendrive map.

I’m using Carla v0.9.10.1 on Windows and running it from source directly from within Unreal Engine. The OSM map I exported is from an area of Chicago.