Not able to visualize the scenario with custom OpenSCENARIO file

Hi, I am using Scenario runner 0.9.10 to work OpenSCENARIO. Able to run all shipping example along with scenario runner.
I used custom OpenSCENARIO file to validate mu OpenSCENARIO, i am not able to visualize scenario in game. Simulation run completes in 3 to 5 sec. It’s expected to run more than 5 min. Looked into the log’s to find out the issue, no failures reported in log as well. I am able to run the same scenario in other OpenSCENARIO runner like ESMINI. Can you look into the issue. Let me know if i miss any thing.

I attached OpenSCENARIO files and log to replicate the issue.

Here is the log i am getting: --openscenario “F:\Carla\scenario_runner\srunner\examples\sample3.xosc”
WARNING:[SR:OpenScenarioConfiguration]: No ego vehicles defined in scenario
Preparing scenario: Sample Scenario
WARNING: Actor model Car not available. Using instead vehicle.tesla.model3
ScenarioManager: Running scenario OpenScenario
Resetting ego-vehicle!
All scenario tests were passed successfully!
No more scenarios … Exiting