No possibility to get current engine RPM

Hello everyone,

I want to use Carla to simulate behavior of a car and periodically get its data, such as speed or lights state, and present them on virtual instrument cluster. So far, I accessed most of needed values, but I don’t see possibility to get current engine RPM. I am sure this value exist inside Carla, because we can set max_rpm of vehicle and transmission ratio of the gear.

Is there any possibility to calculate this value based on available data? If not, are you planning to add this value in next release?


You can get the current engine RPM by reading it directly on the blueprint via Unreal Engine. I can guide you through that.

  1. Go in Content>Carla>Blueprints>Vehicles
  2. Select the model
  3. A blueprint will open. Scroll down in the components until you find VehicleMovement
  4. Look for the value in Engine Setup

If you can’t find it for some reason, I’ll add some images to guide you through it.

Hello jackbart,

Thank you for your reply. I’m afraid I need more specific information. After reading your post I downloaded Unreal Engine, because previously I only run CarlaUE4.exe and pythonAPI examples. I don’t know how to open project in UE and see options of running vehicle. Can you provide images you wrote about?

Thank you in advance!