Module 'carla' has no attribute 'Client'

I have been struggling a bit with the Python API and it’s resulted in everything ‘compiling’ but carla seems to have no attributes. I’m using multiple computers during the day, so I’ve decided to write my script on a small external hard drive. Since I switch between Ubuntu and Windows sometimes I decided to just copy the dist folder over to the hard drive, but that seems to cause some issues. Going back and running any examples that followed with the package seems fine, but running my own results in the above mentioned error. Is there something I’ve forgotten to copy over or have I made some sort of mistake?

Hi @Kvixen welcome to CARLA!

Are you using the same .egg file in the dist folder for both Windows and Linux?

I’m not sure what you mean by Carla not having any attributes when you compile.

By the way, this forum isn’t in use any more, for any future issues, could you post in the new forum here