Map in total darkness when importing from RoadRunner

Hi! I’ve been trying to import a scenario created with RoadRunner. For this I have used one of the example scenarios from RoadRunner (T_intersection.rrscerne). To import into Carla, I simply followed the following instructions: , focusing on the Map ingestion in a CARLA package section.

Everything is fine and I manage to get a map_package.tar.gz, but when I open it with CARLA everything is completely dark. I don’t know if I’m skipping a step or what the problem might be, some idea? Attached image

I don’t know either if it is necessary to install the plugins that RoadRunner specifies to be installed ( if the import of mpas is done using the docker version of carla.

Translated with (free version)

Hi @sbarmirez

Have you moved the sun position or is it the default illumination?
Did you turn on the bike lights? Are there other lights in the scene, such as streetlights?
Do you get any error messages? Because maybe you are missing the BP_Sky in your scene, which is the blueprint we have in CARLA with all the global lighting components.