Leaderboard CARLA and Code Versions


I have a few questions regarding the CARLA version and leaderboard/scenario_runner code used by the online CARLA Leaderboard:

  1. What version of CARLA does the online leaderboard use? The CARLA Leaderboard’s Get Started page (https://leaderboard.carla.org/get_started/) states CARLA 0.9.9, but carla-simulator/leaderboard’s stable branch mentioned by the same page seems to use the newly released CARLA 0.9.10 (for example, it incorporates new changes to the Lidar).

  2. Which versions (branches/commits) of the leaderboard (https://github.com/carla-simulator/leaderboard) and scenario_runner (https://github.com/carla-simulator/scenario_runner/) is the online leaderboard based on?



You just caught us in the middle of a transition. We are about to announce the update of the leaderboard from CARLA 0.9.9 to CARLA So starting tomorrow October 1st you should assume CARLA to run the leaderboard.

I am finishing an update of the leaderboard website to reflect these changes. We will also announce this through AlphaDrive communication platform so that it reaches to all the teams.

We will be keeping the results of the submissions based on 0.9.9 up, with a clear tag, so that the community can easily identify which results correspond to which version.

Best regards.

Thanks for the update and clarification!