Instability vehicle and other problem with opendrive import


I’m new in Carla and I’m using Unreal Editor to create and edit 3D environments where the test should be performed. I tried to import an opendrive file but I have the following problem:

  • Instability car: at some points of the route the car starts swinging more and more until it rotates on itself.
    -Every time I import a traffic light and run the simulations It fails.
  • I would like to know if it possible to modify the path the vehicle should follow. I generate the route from an opendrive file in Unreal Engine. I see the route and the vehicle seems to follows the trajectory, (apart from when it goes into instability). I want to edit this route and make the vehicle follow a path perfectly. For example I would like to create a zig-zag path and I would like the vehicle to run it without mistakes.

Please someone can help me? I would really appreciate it!

Hi @Francesco95,

I encounter the same problem that the vehicles first follow the route, but then get instable.
Could you find any solution for the problem so far?