Importing RoadRunner data / left turn traffic lights issue

Dear CARLA Team.

1. Importing RoadRunner data

I imported GIS Data to create a real road and converted it to Carla format by using RoadRunner.
The DATA also contains information on traffic lights at intersections(Junciton).

But When data is imported to Carla and run as python api, it does not move according to the intersection traffic signal information.
(Go straight even when the traffic light is red at the intersection.)


2. Using Unreal Asset - left turn traffic lights

I want to use a traffic light model with a left turn signal.

I downloaded a model with a left turn signal (no BoxTrigger) from the market place.
Can I add BoxTrigger in CARLA and use it with BP_TrafficLightGroup?
Ask for advice on the problem, the reason, and the solution.

Platform(s): Ubuntu 16.04
Python version(s): 2.7 and 3.5
CARLA version: 0.9.7
Unreal 4.22
RoadRunner 2019.2.11

Thank you.

Maybe @Xavi knows something about this?

Hi boldjin
First of all, sorry for the late answer. About the questions.

1- For the moment, from RoadRunner we only import the positions of traffic lights and which lane to affect. The behavior of the intersection we still can’t import it
2- The purpose of BP_TrafficLightGroup is to manage the traffic lights on intersections. I think It won’t help you. Maybe you need to create another traffic light and change their behavior for your purpose. And after added to BP_TrafficLightGroup.