Importing Map from Older Carla

A colleague of mine was able to create a custom environment by modifying various maps files and generating .fbx files. Specifically, he has sent me the following files:

  • Town07_CARLA_BuiltData.uasset
  • Town07_CARLA.umap
  • Town07_CARLA.xodr
  • CARLA_Road_Lane_Scale4B.uasset
  • CARLA_Road_Shoulder_Scale4B.uasset
  • M_Grass01_GMG_Inst_Shoulder.uasset
  • M_Grass01_GMG_Inst.uasset

I have copied these files into the appropriate places under my distribution (LinuxNoEditor/CarlaUE4/Content/Carla/…). When I try to load the new map in a script I don’t get any error but the sim starts out in Town03.

Some notes:

  1. I am running version 0.9.9; these were created in 0.9.6
  2. I have tried creating a package folder (as detailed here but Unreal complained it couldn’t find a Makefile for the package I tried to create.

I’d be very grateful for any guidance on this!