Implementation of sound in the PythonAPI files

Hey there, I’m very new to the CARLA scene and was trying to contribute something.

Lately, I have been working on implementing acoustics into the CARLA environment in an attempt to make the simulator environment more realistic.

I have been able to successfully implement sound into the CARLA server, by making changes to the Base Vehicle blueprint on Unreal Engine. So whenever I launch the CARLA server and run, I’m able to hear the engine sounds of all the vehicles spawned in that Unreal Engine level.

The catch, however, is that when I launch to control a vehicle of my own, none of these sounds (that are still heard in the CARLA server) are heard in the pygame window.

Is there a way to have the file access the sounds from the CARLA server and play it on the Pygame window as well?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Have you found a solution to this problem? I am also encountering the same problem.