How to make bike not balancing

while spawning the motorbike - it is self-balanced by default. But how to make it be not self-balanced.
is it possible to make it lay? Or somehow control it`s tilt angle

Hello, in order to modify the balance of the bike, you’ll need to change its center of mass. You can do this inside the vehicle blueprint, like I show you in this image. (rightclick on the image, open in new tab if its too small to read here)
First open the blueprint, then select the mesh(vehiclemesh)(inherited) and type “center” in the details search textbox (green)
After that, you can change the x,y and z parameters as you like (yellow). If you use the same values I’m using rightnow, the bike will fall as soon as you try to throttle up. So you may want to test other values in order to get it right.
I hope this helps you.