How to know where the X Y Z coordinates point to in the given Carla maps

My question is that for the maps available in Carla e.g., like Town1, I want to do some testing of ego AV with an other vehicle at an intersection in the map. My question is, how do I find out what x, y, z coordinates and rotations exactly correspond to that intersection in the map, at the spawn locations I am aiming for, and for defining some routes to follow? Is there a software for that, to visualize where all the x y z coordinates are on the maps provided by carla?

If I have understood it correctly you want to visualize the coordinates and rotation?
An option can be draw/ mark it on the map.

Yes I want to visualize the coordinates. For example I want my ego vehicle to go through a certain intersection in one of the maps provided by Carla. How do I know what are the coordinates of that intersection? So that I can define the route for my ego vehicle according to those coordinates.

There can be many ways to do it…
I have annotated the entire map and also logged the information about the markings in a log file…
The markings and the log help me identify the exact location on the map…
I can share some pics…not sure how to do attachments.

After clicking reply option, click on the “upload” tab on the top and you can add an image there. Or you can email me at Also, did you use a script to annotate it? Can you provide that as well? Thanks!

I have uploaded a pic to share the idea. I am using C++ code for annotating…as this is part of an onging project, so I may not be able to share the code…

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another pic

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Yes that’s what I am looking for. Thanks for the help.

Hi everyone, so basically the script in util folder of PythonAPI (Carla 9.10) basically does what I was asking in this question. Cheers.