How to create traffic signs?

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Carla, how to create my own traffic signs using images and load them to a map and then let them appear in a simulation? Is it by using any Python API or I have to model them first in the UE4 editor?
Btw, I don’t need them to be effective for traffic control. I just need to generate these traffic signs in the simulator, and then I will take screenshots of the simulation to train my traffic sign recognition neural network.

Hi @gotojun there is a tutorial here about importing props to CARLA. You will need the textures and the .fbx files

@corkyw10 Thank you. I have read the tutorial, but I still wonder that what is the .fbx file? Is it a 3D model file format? How to create it?

Does anybody know how to use it?

Yes, the .fbx file is a 3D data file. You can user Blender or Maya for example to export your assets as .fbx files.

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Thank you very much!! I will try it.

Hello, I wonder if you know how to solve this question? Thank you.