How to change the size of rain particle?

I’m now using Carla with Python script

However, although I changed the value of participation in weather parameters, rain particles have never been seen in my images.

I found some issues about this

But I don’t know how to access the unreal engine…

And if I change the size of rain particle in unreal engine, they would be maintained even I run the python script?

Thank you

Hi @annapocola2, to access the Unreal Engine editor, you need to build Carla from source. The instructions are found here for Linux or here for Windows. The final step of the installation make launch will open the Editor.

The changes you make that are mentioned in that GitHub Issue will take effect and be maintained when you run scripts, as long as you run the scripts on that build, in other words, it won’t be effective on any of your package versions.

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Really thank you, @corkyw10
I’ll try what you said!!

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