External Carla Traffic manager

Hello Team,

I recently started using carla. I would like to know what other external traffic managers can be used with carla. for example I saw with SUMO co simulation can be possible and an external traffic manager can be connected. it would be also helpful if I could find the documentation for co simulation with SUMO and also other external traffic managers if possible.

Thank you.!

i’ve got some expericence with the co-simulation of carla and sumo. First of all its a good start to take a look at
https://drive.google.com/file/d/10DgMNUBqKqWBrdiwBiAIT4DdR9ObCquI/view and
Furthermore you should specify what exactly you want to achieve in your co-simulation. E.g. physical data extraction of the co-simulation of sumo and carla is (in my experience) somehow limited due to the co-simulation mechanism.

Hope the links are helpful and feel free to reach out if any problems come up.

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