Error while loading automatic_control as a following vehicle scenario

@CARLA @corkyw10 game 2.0.0.dev6 (SDL 2.0.10, python 3.6.9)
Hello from the pygame community.
INFO: listening to server
Example of automatic vehicle control from client side.
Spawning the player
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 848, in
File “”, line 841, in main
File “”, line 711, in game_loop
agent.set_destination(agent.vehicle.get_location(), destination, clean=True)
File “/home/carla/Sinduja/carla-0.9.9/PythonAPI/carla/agents/navigation/”, line 119, in set_destination
route_trace = self._trace_route(self.start_waypoint, self.end_waypoint)
File “/home/carla/Sinduja/carla-0.9.9/PythonAPI/carla/agents/navigation/”, line 159, in _trace_route
File “/home/carla/Sinduja/carla-0.9.9/PythonAPI/carla/agents/navigation/”, line 349, in trace_route
route = self._path_search(origin, destination)
File “/home/carla/Sinduja/carla-0.9.9/PythonAPI/carla/agents/navigation/”, line 228, in _path_search
heuristic=self._distance_heuristic, weight=‘length’)
File “”, line 2, in astar_path
File “/home/carla/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/networkx/utils/”, line 82, in _not_implemented_for
return not_implement_for_func(*args, **kwargs)
File “/home/carla/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/networkx/algorithms/shortest_paths/”, line 134, in astar_path
raise nx.NetworkXNoPath(“Node %s not reachable from %s” % (source, target))
networkx.exception.NetworkXNoPath: Node 3 not reachable from 18
Segmentation fault

Hey @sindu, sorry for the late response. This error is caused by the graph (which is a representation of the map roads) having two unconnected subgraph. Are you running the automatic control on one of the default CARLA towns or have you created a new one?