Error on make PythonAPI

Hi, I just followed the steps by letter and installed CARLA on Ubuntu 18.04.5 desktop PC. I encountered the bellow error.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated @CARLA !

It looks like there might be some conflict between different versions of Python. The error trace says it found python interpreter for version 2.7.17 but make is trying to build the Python API for Python 3. Double check that your python path is set up correctly and you have installed the distro library for the correct version of Python you want to use. If you wanted to build the Python API for python 2 then run the command make PythonAPI ARGS="--python-version=2"

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@corkyw10 That was indeed the problem at first! Thank you for the advice. I followed the below and solved it:

Nevertheless, now there is a different problem as can be seen from the photos below.

As far as I can see, the missing file, pyconfig.h belongs to the packages python-dev and python3-dev, depending on which version of python you want to use. Have you installed those packages?

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@corkyw10 that is the correct way ! In my case I had to install python3.8-dev. The other two python-dev / python3-dev didn’t work !
Thank you for your time and help !!! :smiley:

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I’m getting the 403 forbidden error while trying to access boost server,
following “make PythonAPI”. Any suggestions?