Directx Runtime Error

I am new to Carla. I followed the instructions to install Carla on windows till executing the package file. When I run “> CarlaUE4.exe” command on the command prompt on the main Carla folder, it gives an error message saying DirectX Runtime is needed. But I have already installed Directx 11 in my machine.

CARLA 0.9.9
Python 3.8

It is really weird. I encountered this error before, it worked when i did it like this way:
Download 0.9.4 version, run CarlaUE4.exe, this time it would say you do not have DirectX Runtime, then you got a option to click to fix it automatically.
hope this will help you.

I tried using an older version and it worked!!! It gave me the options to install the missing things. Thank you !!!
But I couldn’t get the pop up window with the ‘spectator view’. The windows just gives a black screen and does not respond. Seems like there is an issue with the hardware. Anyway thank you for your reply.!!

That was good. Two things, first after it worked for Carla old version as you said, it means you have all relative dependencies installed, that is to say you can also use the state-of-art version as well like 0.9.9.
Second as you mentioned no display in your laptop, if you use linux, please don’t forget update your GPU card driver to Nvidia GPU driver, otherwise it won’t work in any way.

Same error as OP: “The following component(s) are required to run this program: DirectX runtime.”

dxdiag reports that I already have DirectX 12 installed.

Windows 10