Design scenario with vehicle and pedestrians in autonomous driving


I am a beginner on CARLA and exploring it to design a few scenarios with vehicles and pedestrians in autonomous driving. My aim is to prepare a scenario by add 2-3 actors (vehicle, pedestrian, traffic light) and allow them to run autonomously. I also wanted to add variable driving speed in order to detect the possibility of collision with other actors.

Any help regarding designing these code snippets would be helpful. I am using Ubuntu installation and have little programming knowledge in python.

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Hey. CARLA has a module called Scenario Runner, which is meant to do exactly that, help the users create traffic scenarios with very specific behaviors in mind.

It is entirely based on CARLA’s PythonAPI though, so you will need some python knowledge. You can also use the OpenScenario, if you’ve already used it before.

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Thanks, I will check with Scenario Runner.