Carla Sumo Co-Simulation

Hello everyone,

i am trying to set up a co-simulation of carla and Sumo based on the documentation provided.
So far i’ve been able to connect both and the pure simulation works fine. Now I want to extract data from Sumo and Carla at the same time. Unfortunately for the most physical changing attributes I only get initial values or just zeros no matter what the vehicles current behaviour is. The vehicles get controlled by Sumo and by adding a IMU i’ve been able to acces at least the acceleration values in x,y and z direction.
Now to my question: Is it always the case that from extern traffic manager controlled vehicles do not give back any changing physical behaviour data or am I doing something wrontg ?

Thank you in advance

Not sure, but I saw a comment on a YouTube video on co-simulation with CARLA that the physics engine is turned off. I think this is the case for SUMO controlled NPCs. I have observed collisions between SUMO NPCs and the ego car, and I know the ego car reacts as if the physics engine is turned on. But the SUMO vehicle doesn’t seem to react. This could explain what you’re seeing.

Hi @Rohfleischesser, the answer on this GitHub issue might help you