Carla Editor with OpenDrive

Dear Carla Team Support,

I’m having some issues with using Carla in Unreal Engine. I have an opendrive file (.xodr) that I got from external software, and I would like to import it to Carla Editor. I know that Unreal Engine doesn’t read .xodr format, but I read on the Internet that using “OpenDriveMap” is possible to generate automatically the lines of the road by reading the information of an opendrive file.
I would like to know a detailed description of all the steps I had to follow to build a 3D environment on Carla Editor by using the road information in an opendrive file.

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I have problems fetching the correct xodr file. But maybe you have checked this link

Specifically, I think if you execute the following line
python3 --xodr-file=/path/to/xodr/file from the folder where exists, you should be able to see the map(contents of xodr) in Carla.
Hope this helps!

I will be happy to know if you were successful in converting OSM to xodr smoothly(if you’ve done this). Thanks.


I actually can load an opendrive file that I get from OpenStreetMap in Carla. My problem is in loading the opendrive format in Carla Editor (Unreal Editor). I use “Open Drive Generator” (location =“0,0,0”) and I found out that when I press play I can see the opendrive file (only if the name of the .umap file is the same as the opendrive file). The problem is that I can’t manage to see the mesh of the opendrive street in editing mode. The mesh that I see when simulating, disappears when I stop the simulation. I want to generate the road in the editing mode so that I can put other graphical elements on the environments. I’m not using “RoadRunner”.
I also found out that there is “City Map Generator” as a component, but I don’t know I can use it to generate roads. I also manage to use “Open drive actor” to generate the routes.
I would like to know how to use all these elements to generate the roads that I can see on openstreet.

P.S, : for converting OSM to xodr you just need to use the python code in the link you attached.

You might have come across this.

It’s a very powerful tool, but not sure if this is the right thing you’re looking for. You can generate roads using OSM data following third video in that link I think.
The generated asset can be used in UE too which I believe can be used in CARLA from UE.