Cannot build Unreal Editor

Hello guys,

when I do make launch, I get the following error:

ECHO ist ausgeschaltet (OFF).
-[BuildCarlaUE4]: Building Unreal Editor…
Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.
make: *** [CarlaUE4Editor] Fehler 1

It means that the system cannot find the path…Does someone know why? I have the Unreal Engine installed.

Hi, @vn96 !

Maybe it is related with this issue?
Quoting @bernat:
Define the environment variable

UE4_ROOT = <...your path...>\Epic Games\UE_4.24>

In windows it should not be needed, but by some reason it seems that is not finding the UE4 path source from the registry. We will check further the problem to fix it, or document well this way.