Basic tutorial how extract GNSS and IMU data

Hi, could you provide with a small tutorial or commented code about extracting GNSS and IMU data from a vehicle?

Hi @rparada! Have you looked at the example program When you install Carla, you will find it under Carla/PythonAPI/examples

Hi @thomasfermi, the script you mentioned does show data on screen, however, I want to save it in a CSV or SQL system. Any clue? thx

Hi @rparada: You will have to modify the script. Have a look at the function _on_gnss_event(). It gets called every time the GNSS sensor gets new data. You could modify the function to store the current latitude and longitude in a list. At the end, i.e., in the world.destroy() function, you could write that list to a file.

If you want to write GNSS and IMU data into a file and you want them to be synchronized (you want to know which IMU measurement corresponds to which GNSS measurement), you might want to look at the example script But there you will need to do more changes, so maybe playing with is a good start.

Hi @thomasfermi the script provides data from the main vehicle (the one your are driving), however, I need to collect the data from the rest of vehicles simulated. How can I do it?

Hi @rparada. If you study the code in you will find that the GNNS sensor is “attached” to the main vehicle. For each additional vehicle you create, you can attach a separate GNSS sensor, if you want. Let’s say you have a vehicle object called vehicle7, then you do something along this line

bp = world.get_blueprint_library().find('sensor.other.gnss')
transform = vehicle7.get_transform()
gnss_sensor7 = world.spawn_actor(bp, transform, attach_to=vehicle7)

Hi @thomasfermi, how can I contact you directly, maybe create a specific room on Discord from CARLA channel? My username is rparada.