Assertion error when running carla 0.9.9 under windows with UE4.24

Hi there,
i’m new to carla, in fact really new and just got it installed using the documentation on the website for windows build. when i try to start carla, the UE engine crashes with error relative to an assertion and just before that it shows an error message relative to the shaders (not cooked). i used the carla version that i mirrored from the git repository. i tested another version 0.9.9 that is available as a zip file from the repository and this one works fine if i use the .exe file to launch it but it is without editor. i tried to cook all the project under the UE project explorer for win64bit but the result is the same.
anyone has a clue about what can cause that?
thank you in advance,


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Hello there. I have the same issue. Did you find any solution on that?

Hi angelos, in my case it was due to the fact that i was using the assets for the 0.9.10 version with carla 0.9.9


that’s not my case. thanks anyway!